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Application for Tax Exemption


Kansas retailers are responsible for collecting the full amount of sales tax due on each sale to the final user or consumer. Kansas retailers should follow this cardinal rule:


All retail sales of goods and enumerated taxable services are considered taxable unless specifically exempt.


Therefore, for every sale of merchandise or taxable service in Kansas, the sales receipt, invoice, or bill MUST either 1) show that the total amount of sales tax due was collected, or 2) be accompanied by a Kansas exemption certificate.


An exemption certificate is a document that a buyer presents to a retailer to claim exemption from Kansas sales or use tax. It shows why sales tax was not charged on a retail sale of goods or taxable services. The buyer furnishes the exemption certificate and the seller keeps the certificate on file with other sales tax records.


Since January 1, 2005, K.S.A. 79-3692 has required that KDOR issue numbered exemption certificates to exempt entities and organizations. The tax-entity exemption application enables a qualified organization to apply for, update, and print a Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. The certificate is to be presented by tax exempt entities to retailers to purchase goods and/or services tax exempt from sales and use tax.  Scouting units are included on the list of entities that are tax exempt.


Keep in mind, tax exempt certificates cannot be used for personal items.  For example, while a unit can use their tax exemption to purchase awards and recognition items at the Jayhawk Scout Shop, items like books, uniforms, and personal gear cannot be exempt.

If your does not have a tax exempt certificate, you can request one by filling out this application.

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