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What’s in it for me?

Scouts: Fishing, hiking, camping, swimming-Scouts do it all! Make new friends and create new memories!

Parents: Scouting is fun with a purpose. Youth build physical fitness, character, and good citizenship-all while having a great time with family and friends. Most importantly, Scouting encourages them to do their best-a lesson that will help them achieve success throughout their lives. 


Please check back periodically as information is being updated daily.

If you miss a scheduled meeting please contact the Jayhawk Area Council at

(785) 354-8541. You are welcome to join Scouting anytime during the year.


Coffey County

Town School / Church Affiliation Sign Up Date Location Time
Burlington United Methodist TBD
Gridley Gridley Elementary School TBD
Lebo Lebo Elementary School TBD
LeRoy LeRoy Elementary School TBD
Waverly Waverly Elementary School TBD

Jackson County

Hoyt Royal Valley - Hoyt (K-4) 8/21/2019 Hoyt Elementary 6:00PM
Mayetta Royal Valley - Mayetta (5th) 8/21/2019 Hoyt Elementary 6:00PM
Holton Holton Elementary 8/27/2019 Linscott Park 6:30PM
Holton Jackson Heights 8/27/2019 Linscott Park 6:30PM

Jefferson County 

Oskaloosa Oskaloosa Elem. - sign-up + orientation 8/27/2019 Oskaloosa Elementary 6:30PM
Nortonville Jefferson Co. North 8/26/2019External Link Jefferson Co. North Elementary 7:00PM
McLouth McLouth Elementary 8/27/2019 McLouth Elementary - Library 6:30PM
Valley Falls Valley Falls 8/27/2019 Valley Falls Elementary 7:00PM
Lecompton Lecompton (1-4) 8/28/2019 Lecompton Elementary 6:30PM
Meriden Jeff West (K-4) 8/28/2019 Jeff West Elementary 6:30PM
Ozawkie Jeff West Middle (5th) 8/28/2019 Jeff West Elementary 6:30PM
Perry Perry (K) 8/28/2019 Lecompton Elementary 6:30PM

Lyon County

Emporia Sacred Heart Catholic School 8/26/2019 Sacred Heart Library 6:00PM
Americus Americus NLC Elementary School 8/28/2019 Americus NLC Elementary School 3:30PM
Emporia Timmerman Elementary 8/29/2019 Timmerman Elementary Cafeteria 6:30PM
Emporia Grace Methodist/Riverside Elm. 8/29/2019 Grace United Methodist 6:30PM
Emporia Village Elementary 8/29/2019 Village Elementary 6:30PM
Emporia Walnut Elementary 8/29/2019 Village Elementary Multipurpose Rm. 6:30PM
Emporia Logan Elementary 8/29/2019 Grace United Methodist 6:30PM
Emporia William Allen White Elementary 8/29/2019 Village Elementary 6:30PM
Neosho Rapids Neosho Rapids Elementary School TBD
Olpe Olpe Elementary School TBD

Marshall County

Marysville Marysville - Good Shepard Lutheran 8/28/2019 Marysville City Park
Marysville Marysville - St. Gregory Catholic 8/28/2019 Marysville City Park
Blue Rapids Valley Heights (Blue Rapids) 3-5 TBD
Waterville Valley Heights (Waterville) k-2 TBD

Nemaha County

Seneca Seneca 8/25/2019 Seneca Park 6:00PM
Seneca St. Peter and Paul - Seneca 8/25/2019 Seneca Park 6:00PM
Sabetha Sabetha 8/27/2019 Sabetha Elem. 7:00PM
Centralia Centralia Elementary School 8/22/2019 Hidden Park6:30PM
Frankfort Frankfort 8/29/2019 Hidden Park6:30PM

Osage County 

Carbondale Santa Fe Trail-Carbondale 8/26/2019 OAC 6:00PM
Lyndon Lyndon Elementary 8/26/2019 Park Shelter House 6:00PM
Osage City First United Methodist 8/27/2019 First United Methodist 6:30PM
Burlingame Federated Church 8/29/2019 Federated Church 7:00PM
Melvern Marais Des Cygnes Valley Elementary TBD
Overbrook  Santa Fe Trail-Overbrook 8/26/2019 OAC 

Pottawatomie County 

St George St. George Elementary TBD
St. Marys St. Marys TBD
Wamego Central - Wamego (K-2) TBD
Wamego West - Wamego (3-5) TBD

Shawnee County 

Shawnee Heights Berryton Elementary 8/28/2019 Berryton Elementary 6:00 PM
Topeka Cair Paravel Latin School 8/26/2019 Mater Dei Catholic School 6:00 PM
Topeka Christ the King Elementary 8/29/2019 Christ the King Elementary 5:45PM - 7:45PM
Seaman Elmont Elementary 8/22/2019External Link Elmont Elementary 7:00PM
Washburn Rural Farley Elementary 8/19/2019 Prince of Peace- 6:30 PM
Topeka Highland Park Central 8/28/2019 Highland Park UMC 6:00 PM
Topeka Holy Family Catholic School TBD
Topeka Indian Hills Elementary 8/19/2019 Susanna Wesley 6:30 PM
Topeka Jardine Elementary 8/29/2019 Jardine Elemetary Cafeteria 6:30 PM
Washburn Rural Jay Shildler 8/20/2019 Museum of the KS National Guard 6:30 PM
Seaman Logan Elementary 8/28/2019 Logan Elementary 6:30PM
Topeka Mater Dei Catholic School 8/26/2019 Mater Dei Catholic School 6:00 PM
Topeka McCarter Elementary 8/29/2019 Sk8away 6:00 PM
Topeka McClure Elementary 8/29/2019 McClure Elementary Gym 6:00 PM
Topeka McEachron Elementary TBD
Topeka Meadows Elementary 8/29/2019 Meadows Elementary 7:00 PM
Topeka Most Pure Heart of Mary Elementary TBD Most Pure Heart of Mary Elementary
Seaman  North Fairview Elementary 8/28/2019 North Fairview Elementary 7:00PM
Seaman  Northern Hills  8/29/2019 Northern Hills 6:30 PM 
Washburn Rural Pauline Central Primary 8/19/2019 Prince of Peace- 6:30 PM
Washburn Rural Pauline South 8/19/2019 Prince of Peace- 6:30 PM
Topeka Quincy Elementary 8/28/2019 Quincy Elementary 7:00 PM
Topeka Randolph Elementary 8/25/2019 Faith Lutheran Church 6:30 PM
Topeka Ross Elementary 8/28/2019 Highland Park UMC 6:00 PM
Rossville Rossville Elementary 8/28/2019 Rossville Elementary 6:30 PM
Overbrook Santa Fe Trail-Overbrook 8/26/2019 OAC 6:00 PM
Topeka Scott Dual Language 8/29/2019 Scott Dual 7:00 PM
Shawnee Heights Shawnee Heights Elementary 8/26/2019 Shawnee Heights Elementary 6:00 PM
Silver Lake Silver Lake Elementary TBD Silver Lake Elementary
Topeka St. Matthews Elementary TBD St. Matthews Elementary
Topeka State Street Elementary 8/26/2019 State Street Elementary 6:30 PM
Topeka Stout Elementary 8/29/2019  Stout Elementary Cafeteria 6:30 PM
Shawnee Heights Tecumseh North Elementary 8/20/2019 Tecumseh North Elementary 6:30 PM
Shawnee Heights Tecumseh South Elementary 8/27/2019 Tecumseh South Elementary 6:30 PM
Topeka Topeka Collegiate TBD
Topeka Topeka Lutheran Elementary TBD
Topeka Wanamaker Elementary TBD Wanamaker Elementary
Seaman  West Indianola Elementary 8/26/2019External Link West Indianola Elementary 7:00PM
Topeka Whitson Elementary 8/20/2019 Whitson Elementary-Gym 7:00 PM
Topeka Williams Elementary 8/28/2019 Williams Elementary 7:00 PM

Wabaunsee County 

Harveyville Mission Valley 8/28/2019 Harveyville Methodist Church 7:00PM
Alta Vista Alta Vista TBD


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