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Nuclear Science Tops the Merit Badge List for 2017

Thanks to our merit badge day with Wolf Creek, Nuclear Science blew away all others as the top earned merit badge by Boy Scouts in the Jayhawk Area Council.  As you can imagine, the top 10 list is dominated mostly by Eagle required merit badges but there are some that are not Eagle required.  The Jayhawk Area Council top 10 are: 

  1. Nuclear Science

  2. Swimming*

  3. Personal Fitness*

  4. Citizenship in the World*

  5. Family Life*

  6. Canoeing

  7. First Aid*

  8. Personal Management*

  9. Communications*

  10. Camping*, Chess, Citizen in the Nation* and Emergency Preparedness* (Four-way tie)

 *Eagle Required

The Jayhawk Area Council would like to congratulate our Scouts for earning almost 1,200 merit badges in 2017 and thank the many counselors who gave of their time to make it possible for our Scouts to discover hobbies or future careers as well as important life skills through the merit badge program.

Check out the article on Bryan on ScoutingExternal Link to see how we match up with the rest of the country.

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