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Scoutbook Connects Councils To Scoutbook Units

At the National Annual Meeting in May, Scout book announce the creation of the position of Scout Book Council Administrator and three initial features connecting councils with Scout book units:


  • Messaging Scout book units – leaders, parents and youth (for those with youth accounts)
  • Sharing council and district calendars if the council has calendars to which one can subscribe
  • Adding council-approved merit badge counselor lists


The messaging function is live and has been for some time.  Scout book will be launching the ability for council administrators to share council-approved merit badge counselor lists with Scout book units! 


For your council, this will:

  • Bring Scout book merit badge counselors into compliance with the Guide to Advancement and your council’s standards for merit badge counselor approval.
  • Provide Boy Scouts in Scout book units’ access to ONLY those counselors which the council has approved.


When a council uploads their approved list Scout book does the following:


  1. Scout book will compare the profile information provided on the MBC list, coming from Scout Net/Akela, to the profile information in Scout book, to determine if there is a “person match”.
  2. For matched persons, Scout book will compare whether MBCs in Scout book are on the council-approved MBC list and take the one of the following actions:


    1. If a person is in Scout book and on the council MBC list:  User will have received a “welcome” email and a “Council Approved” designation will appear next to the user’s name in the merit badge counselor list in Scout book
    2. A person is on the council MBC list but does not have a Scout book account:  Scout book will send an invitation to join Scout book and establish a user account.  After the account is established the user will appear on the MBC list in Scout book.
    3. A person is NOT on the council MBC list but is currently listed as a MBC in Scout book.  The user’s profile in Scout book will be changed to delete the role in Scout book and the user will not appear on the Scout book MBC list.  The user will receive a notification to contact their local council to resolve the situation.


Each time the local service center uploads their file, the process repeats.  So, in the event of situation 2c above, once the council has approved a person and uploads the file a second time, situation 2a will be in pace the user will be reinstated as “Council Approved” in Scout book.

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