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This year, we’re excited to officially welcome girls and boys into the Cub Scouts and invite even more families to take advantage of the life-changing experiences provided through Scouting. 

After all, the values that Scouts are known for – including being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and brave among others – are as relevant for girls as they are for boys.

Now boys and girls can both be a part of the fun and adventure of Cub Scouting. Adventure is Calling!! Scout Me In.

Look for a sign-up location near you. Don't see it listed? You may join Scouting anytime at beascout.orgExternal Link or contact the Jayhawk Area Council Boy Scouts at (785)354-8541.

School / Church Affiliation Date Location Time
Auburn Elementary-School District 437 30-Aug Auburn Elementary 6:30PM
Baptist Church-School District 243 27-Aug Lebo High School Cafeteria, Lebo 6:30PM
Berryton Elementary-School District 450 27-Aug Berryton Cafeteria 6:00PM
Cair Paravel Latin-SchoolDistrict 501 30-Aug Mater Dei Cafeteria 6:30PM
Carbondale-School District 434 30-Aug Overbrook Cafeteria 6:30PM
Centralia School District 380 23-Aug Centralia Elementary-BBQ 4:30PM
Elmont-School District 345 30-Aug Pleasant Hill UMC 7:00PM
Farley ElementarySchool District 437 30-Aug Wannamaker Elem. 6:30PM
First Christian Church-School District 253 29-Aug First Christian Church, Madison 6:30PM
Frankfort-School District 380 29-Aug Frankfort School Cafeteria 6:00PM
Grace United Methodist-School District 253 28-Aug Grace United Methodist, Osage City 6:30PM
Highland Park Central-School District 501 30-Aug Highland Park Central Cafe. 6:30PM
Holton-School District 336 30-Aug Linscott Park, Holton ,KS 6:30PM
Holy Family-School District 501 30-Aug Mater Dei Cafeteria 6:30PM
Hoyt-School District 337 22-Aug Royal Valley Elementary Gym 6:00PM
Indian Hills-School District 437 30-Aug Indian Hills 6:30PM
Jardine Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Jardine Elementary 6:30PM
Jay Shidler Elementary-School District 437 30-Aug Shidler Elem. 6:30PM
Logan Elementary-School District 345 6-Sep Logan Elementary, Topeka 6:30PM
Logan Avenue-School District 253 30-Aug Grace United Methodist 6:30PM
Lowman Hill Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Lowman Hill Cafeteria 6:30PM
Marysville-School District 364 30-Aug Marysville Elementary 7:00PM
Mater Dei-School District 501 30-Aug Mater Dei Cafeteria 6:30PM
Mayetta-School District 337 22-Aug Royal Valley Elementary Gym 6:00PM
McCarter Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug McCarter Elementary 6:30PM
McClure Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug McClure Elementary 6:30PM
McEachron Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug McEachron Elementary 6:30PM
McLouth Elementary-School District 342 30-Aug McLouth Elementary, Library 6:30PM
Meadows Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Meadows  Cafeteria 6:30PM
Meriden-School District 340 4-Sep Jefferson West Elem 6:30PM
Mission Valley Elementary-School District 330 30-Aug Mission Valley 6:30PM
Most Pure Heart Mary-School District 501 30-Aug Most Pure Heart Mary Cafe. 6:30PM
NLYA-School District 251 30-Aug Americus Elementary 3:30PM

Northern Hills Elementary-School District 345

30-Aug Pleasant Hill UMC


Oskaloosa-School District 341 30-Aug McLouth Elementary, Library 6:30PM
Our Lady Guadalupe-School District 501 30-Aug Mater Dei Cafeteria 6:30PM
Overbrook-School District 434 30-Aug Overbrook Cafeteria 6:30PM
Pauline Central-School District 437 30-Aug Pauline Central 6:30PM
Pauline South-School District 437 30-Aug Pauline South 6:30PM
Perry-School District 343 27-Aug American Legion 7:00PM
Quincy Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Quincy Cafeteria 6:30PM
Randolph Elementary-School District 501 23-Aug Randolph Elementary 5:30PM
Riverside Elementary-School District 253 30-Aug Grace United Methodist 6:30PM
Ross Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Ross Cafeteria 6:30PM
Rossville-School District 321 30-Aug Rossville Grade School 6:00PM
Sabetha-School District 113 30-Aug Scout Rm. At Mid Town 7:00PM
Sacred Heart-School District 253 30-Aug Sacred Heart School 6:30PM
Scott Dual Language-School District 501 30-Aug Scott Dual Language Cafe. 6:30PM
Seneca-School District 115 30-Aug Seneca Middle School Cafeteria 6:30PM
Shawnee Heights-School District 450 30-Aug Shawnee Heights,Cafeteria 6:30PM
Silver Lake-School District 372 29-Aug Silver Lake Methodist Church 7:00PM
St George-School District 323 TBD St George TBD
St Mary's-School District 321 10-Sep Riverside Park 6:30PM
St Matthew-School District 501 30-Aug St Matthew Cafeteria 6:30PM
State Street Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug State Street Cafeteria 6:30PM
Stout Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Stout Elementary 6:30PM
Tecumseh North-School Disrtict 450 30-Aug Tecumseh North Cafeteria 6:30PM
Tecumseh South-School Disrtict 450 30-Aug Tecumseh South Cafeteria 6:30PM
Timmerman Elementary-School District 253 30-Aug Timmerman Elementary 6:30PM
Topeka Lutheran-School District 501 30-Aug Topeka Lutheran Cafeteria 6:30PM
United Methodist-School District 253 27-Aug Lyndon City Park, Lyndon 6:30 PM
United Methodist-School District 253 30-Aug 4H Building, Burlington 6:30 PM
Valley Falls-School District 338 20-Aug Township Hall 6:30PM
Village Elementary-School District 253 30-Aug Village Elementary 6:30PM
Walnut Elementary-School District 253 30-Aug Village Elementary 6:30PM
Wamego-School District 320 30-Aug Central Elementary Cafeteria 6:30PM
Wanamaker ElementarySchool District 437 30-Aug Wanamaker Elem. 6:30PM
WAW Elementary-School District 253 30-Aug Village Elementary 6:30PM
West Indianola-School District 345 30-Aug West Indianola Elementary 7:00PM
Whitson Elementary-School District 501 30-Aug Whitson 6:30PM
Williams S&FA-School District 501 30-Aug Williams S&FA Cafeteria 6:30PM



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