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Recycle all applications you currently have in your possession as new ones are in!!

BSA has issued new youth and adult applications. Currently the new youth application is the only one that is downloadable. The new adult application is not available online yet, but I’ve attached a copy:

Youth Application -

These applications are reflective of the BSA policies including allowing girls to participate starting this fall. Please be sure to read over and familiarize yourself with the new applications as they are different than previous ones. To help save you time, turn on online registration for your unit at Link so your unit can accept youth application online.  

Again, please recycle any applications you have in your possession and get new ones. Any youth or adult applications coming in with charter renewals on the old ones are ok, but going forward, only the new ones will be accepted. So please stop by the Jayhawk Area Council Scout Service Center and pick up a few new ones if you need any. Both the youth and adult applications are available.

A reminder that the registration fees for an entire year is $33 and the Boys Life fee is $12. To calculate the fees to charge, count the current month you are in through January of the following year. For example, if a Scout registers in March, the number of months would be 11. The per month fee is $2.75 ($33 divided by 12 months). Take that times 11 months and you get $30.25 for registration and $11 for Boys Life. The new applications have eliminated the fee schedule, so don’t look for it in there.


 If you have any questions please contact your District Executives or the Jayhawk Area Council Office.

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