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Merit Badge Counselors Call To Action!

COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in how we go about our daily routines.  All across Kansas, our Scouts and many of our volunteers and parents are sheltering in place and working or going to school from home.  In all cases, the normal meetings of units have been compromised leaving many to not have a chance to work on advancements as easy.

With every challenge comes opportunity.  Scouts in our troops can take this time to work on a number of merit badges they may not have had time to do with their busy personal schedules.  The challenge will be to connect with a merit badge counselor in order to complete that merit badge.

Councils across the country are reaching out to their merit badge counselors and the Jayhawk Area Council is too in order to see how many have the capability and interest to hold Online Merit Badge classes for Scouts either by conference call or by an online web format such as Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc.  What a great chance to work with a group of Scouts to earn merit badges during this unique time in our history!

If interested, please contact our new Program Executive, Britta McKee at [Email address removed].  There are a few things we will need to work through such as making sure you know and understand the cybersecurity rules of interacting with youth via electronic format, which merit badges you can counsel using this format, and when you would like to have the online class.  Our intent would be to focus on the merit badges not traditionally offered at summer camp facilities as to not be redundant but to also broaden the opportunities in areas lend itself more to a indoor setup. I know I turned 18 with about a dozen partially completed merit badges that required a research project, a report, or something required me to visit with an expert in that field that I just never got around to doing.  This is a great time to broaden the type of merit badges our Scouts will earn.

The Jayhawk Area Council will set up a hosting site so Scouts can register and that you will have access to in order to see how many register for your course.  We can set up the times you want to offer the course for the registration period and you will have the contact information of those interested.  We are providing this at no cost as a service to encourage advancement amongst our Scouts.

We hope you will consider participating.  Other councils that have set up similar offerings have seen the classes fill within hours of being promoted.  Our Scouts want this.  Will you help us serve this need?

Thanks for your consideration.

**We know there some merit badge counselors that do not have an email address listed or normally just counsel merit badges for the troop they are affiliated with.  Please feel free to share this to other merit badge counselors you know so we can ensure the greatest opportunities for our Scouts.  All merit badge counselors much be registered as a merit badge counselor and have taken youth protection training within in the last two years.**



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