Additional Registration Assistance Made Available

At its November board meeting, the Jayhawk Area Council Executive Board discussed options to assist units and families that may have challenges covering the new membership fee during the January recharter.  The board approved the following three options in support of units and families.

Increase to the Registration Assistant Fund

The Jayhawk Area Council board has chosen to increase the Assistance budget for 2020. This will allow units to apply for financial assistance to cover the gap between the old fee of $33 and the new fee of $60 for a total of $27 of assistance. While these funds are limited, it has tripled the amount the Jayhawk Area Council has allocated in prior years.

Forms are being created and will be made available shortly.  These funds are designed to help families in need and will require unit committee approval prior to submission to the Jayhawk Area Council. Details will be published before the end of November.

Bonus Popcorn Sale Option

As a way for Scouts to "earn their own way," the Jayhawk Area Council is making available to families and units a Bonus Sale.  This option will be extremely streamlined. It will include three products - Salted Caramel, White Cheddar, and Premium Caramel.  All will sell in this special sale for $20 each with 50% going to the unit/family. There will be no prizes and the sales will not qualify for any of the bonus options that were part of our traditional sale.  This is purely a way to help families with their membership fees.  If A Scout sells six of these containers, they have paid for their membership for 2020.  Three containers at least cover the change in fees from 2019.

The bonus sale begins December 1 and will last until January 15.  We have a limited supply of product on hand so if any unit wants to set up a table sale or canvas a neighborhood, they can check out the product and return what is not sold.  Units can also have Scouts take orders in advance and then request what is needed. We want to keep this simple and easy for families to build up the registration funds needed to at least cover the difference.

"Give $24" Program

The Jayhawk Area Council Executive Board has authorized a year-end appeal to help increase the funds already allocated for registration assistance.  This appeal will be sent to historic donors asking them to consider making a donation of $24 to help cover a Scout (the difference between the youth and adult fees). All funds generated by the year-end appeal will be earmarked to help families with registration assistance. This will help extend that support to a broader number of families.

Furthermore, the board is challenging all adult volunteers (including themselves) to consider paying the youth fee of $60 instead of the adult fee of $36 and "switch places" with a Scout in your unit.  There are many leaders that either have the capacity to help another family or do not have children currently enrolled in Scouting. This is a great way to "help other people."

The Jayhawk Area Council Executive Board recognizes that while an annual fee of $60 is still a good value for what our youth and families get out of Scouting, the timing of the fee increase announcement did not allow time for our units and families to properly budget for this change and it could, in some cases, compromise unit programming. The Jayhawk Area Council Executive Board wanted to provide some one-time stop gap opportunities for our units and families to utilize.