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The Lion Results are In

Lion Pilot Feedback

The Lion results are in!

Thanks to your efforts, we’ve learned a great deal and have information to share with you.

As a reminder, the feedback loop consisted of focus groups conducted throughout each region in May, and online surveys sent to all participants.  Lion Guides, parents, and youth all had the opportunity to provide feedback.  In addition, a number of councils and professional staff also provided their insight. 

The feedback is being used to tweak the program to better align with the needs of parents and youth.  As you will see from program changes outlined below, participants are a large driving force in the design direction of the pilot.

Participants said

  • “The program content is really good.  It’s the right length and hits the sweet spot of this age group very well.”

  • Parents appreciate the cost factor to be able to participate in Lions for lower cost of the T-shirt verses higher priced shirt.

  • “Overall, the Lion program was a big hit with our Pack.  In my opinion, this is the best idea the BSA has come up with, next to allowing girls to join Venturing.”

Based on the feedback, surveys, and focus groups, we encourage you to execute the following changes in delivering the Lion program this fall.

Changes for 2017-2018

  • Pack meeting and activities--open up as optional to Lion families.  Look for ways to actively involve Lions and include them in program, skits, etc.  Lions want more Pack involvement.
  • Pinewood Derby--open up to Lions as appropriate for the Pack.  Three options are recommended for Lions 1) Integrate into Pack with other Cub Scouts as Pack decides. 2) Use the wedge car from the Scout Shop to eliminate cutting, etc. 3) Have Lions do a Veggie Car Derby—information on website.

  • Fundraising--allow as a family option— Make fundraising an optional activity for Lion families.  Although they do not want mandatory levels of funds to raise, families indicated they do want to have the option.  Spring Fundraising is encouraged.  If popcorn is sold by Lions then Show and Sell with older boys and parents would be the preference—door to door only if the parent is by the youth’s side.

  • Uniforms—Keep Lion T-shirt as required uniform with optional cap.  But allow families to buy official blue Cub Scout button down or pants as desired for special occasions and Pack ceremonies.


Recommendations for Councils

  • Tailor pack meetings to engage Lions.

  • Continue what’s working—Many said they got the training, orientations and support they needed to run the program.  They had support from council and district volunteers they needed to be a success.

  • We offered multiple times to join.  The first few weeks of school is just overwhelming for many families.  So we continued to recruit in September and October and later in the year with great success.

  • Many dens meet on the same night as pack meeting to establish the night as routine early on.

Differences in audience perceptions

  • New parents vs. Scouters—perceptions are somewhat different.  New parents were highly satisfied with the current program as it is written and delivered.  Scouters—those with previous experience wanted more of the older Cub program elements. 

  • The Lion Den vs. Council Professionals—the Lion Den were pleased with the content, Dens expressed they had just the right amount of material to last through May with content, etc.   The Council Professionals believed that there was not enough material to last the entire year, survey findings do not support this.

Survey Highlights

  • 61% of Lion parents indicate they have no other child in Scouting.  This means we are reaching our intended audience of recruiting new families to Scouting as well as serving siblings of our existing Scouts.

  • 91% of parents say their Lion will be moving to Tigers and 82% of Lion Guides say most will be moving to Tigers.

  • Satisfaction is high 90% for the T-shirt, shared leadership, age appropriate activities, youth Adventure book and immediate recognition stickers.  Also pleased with the meeting duration, frequency and content.  Leader Guidebook was not intimidating and was simple and easy for new parents to follow for effective meetings.  Adventures were engaging for the boys.

Tweaks to the pilot program will be communicated online for 2017-2018.  The printed material and Lion merchandise available in Scout Shops now remain valid.  Program adjustments for the coming year revolve around program delivery and how meetings/activities are executed.  Changes to printed materials, if any, will not take place until 2018-2019.

These updates have been added to the Link website. 

Again, thank you for your participation in the Lion Pilot and best wishes this coming year.

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