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Improved User Navigation of Cub Scout Content in the BSA Learn Center

User navigation to begin eLearning courses has now been simplified and streamlined by embedding each module directly into the course page. Users now click a play icon directly in the learning plan one time and the course will immediately begin playing. This conversion eliminates three clicks and one pop-up page for every module which, in turn, makes navigating to the next module much easier. For the average user, that equals a reduction of 66 clicks and 22 new windows.

The content in the existing Cub Scout eLearning modules has not changed, so any modules that users have previously completed will not need to be completed again. Individual course completions can be verified in My.Scouting.orgExternal Link.

ScoutingU is continually striving to eliminate user frustrations and deliver an improved experience in the BSA Learn Center by making online training easier for all volunteers. This change is part of ScoutingU’s national commitment to achieving a status of 50 percent direct contact leaders trained by December 31, 2017.

The Jayhawk Area Council currently has 72.5% of its direct contact leaders trained and many more that have been trained in their position but have had their Youth Protection training recently expire.  We are excited that ScoutingU has improved the user experience to help us achieve our goal of 100% trained leaders as we go through the recharter process and see a lot of parents becoming leaders for the first time or changing positions.

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