Attention Unit Leaders - Be Sure to Collect the CBC Forms from Your Unit Leaders

As the BSA makes continual improvements to how we protect our youth, there are some changes being made to the Criminal Background Check process.  Due to those changes, ALL currently registered leaders much complete a Disclosure Authorization Form and have it on file before they will be able to re-register during the annual recharter period. Some questions have arisen in reaction to this change.  While anyone on our council staff can help you with your questions, here are a few common ones we have received.

What do I do with it once I have signed it?

Unit Level Volunteers - Each pack, troop, crew or post should designate one person to collect all the forms for that unit.  The suggestion is whomever will be handling the unit's recharter process.  We encourage that person to print additional disclosure forms and authorization forms and make sure you have a form for every unit leader that is renewing for the 2020-2021 charter.  Then you submit those forms as a part of the recharter process.

District Level Volunteers - A district volunteer should complete the form and return it to your district executive. Your district executive along with the district chair and commissioner will check to make sure all area received.

Council Level Volunteers - A volunteer on a council level committee, executive board or council advisory board should submit the completed forms to the Jayhawk Area Council to the attention of Alayne Weber.

Merit Badge Counselors - Merit Badge Counselors should submit their form to Alayne Weber.

What if I volunteer on multiple levels mentioned above?  Who to do submit it to?

We have a number of volunteers that help out in many different ways.  In most cases, the answer is to follow where your primary registration is. In this unique situation, we want you to submit a copy of the Authorization Disclosure Form to each place you are registered.  That way we can ensure 100% compliance.

How do I submit my form?

You can either mail or email your forms.  While you cannot submit an electronic signature, a scan of a handwritten signature is permissible. Each unit should determine how they wish to receive the forms from their unit leadership but for district and council level volunteers and merit badge counselors, mail, email or hand delivery are all acceptable options.

The email I received refers to a consumer background check.  Are you checking my credit, too?

No. The BSA will only use these signed authorization forms for approval to obtain a criminal background check.  State and federal laws regulating background checks and consumer credit checks require that both items be mentioned on the form since a full background check includes both parts. Again, the BSA is only using this form for authorization to obtain a criminal background check.

I did not get an email. Why and what do I do?

The are a number of possibilities for not receiving an email.  We may not have a current one in our database, it may have went to your SPAM filter or was blocked by your company firewall, or we did not have an email address on file as one was not included on your volunteer leader application.  If you did not get one, please talk to your unit leadership to obtain a copy or call the Rolley Scout Service Center for one.  We will have copies available and plan to have copies at upcoming events and activities for distribution.

Are we going to have to do this every time we recharter?

Not unless there are changes made by state or federal legislatures.  This is intended to be a one-time fix as we change from random checks to an every five year process.  Soon, we will receive new volunteer leader applications and those will have the new disclosure language included.  Once we receive them, we will notify all units to discard any previous versions and begin distributing the new one for use.

The Jayhawk Area Council would like to thank everyone for their help with this important step to keep our youth safe.