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CBC Emails Going Out to All Registered Volunteers

For years, the Boy Scouts of America has conducted background checks on every adult volunteer at the point of registration. In addition, in order to register as a volunteer, one must complete Youth Protection Training and renew it every two years.  These practices have lead to better awareness and helping ensure that those who volunteer do not have a history of behavior not consistent with Scouting.

As a part of the background check process, random checks would occur on currently registered volunteers.  However, it was possible that individuals were missed in that random sort. Therefore, the Boy Scouts of America is changing this practice from random to mandatory checks every five years.  This goes into effect January 1, 2020.

In order to make this change, every currently registered volunteer will need to review the new disclosure form and submit a signed acknowledgement form to be returned.  Everyone that has a valid email address in our system will receive an email to this effect. 

  • For Unit Volunteers - review the disclosure, sign the form acknowledging that you received it, and give it to your unit committee chair or whomever is handling the recharter for your unit this fall.  The forms will be submitted as a part of the recharter.

  • For District and Council Volunteers (including merit badge counselors) - review the disclosure, sign the form acknowledging you have received it, and mail or email it to the Rolley Scout Service Center.  We will include it as a part of the district or council recharter.

If you did not receive an email  and need the authorization form and disclosure or would like more information about this change, please read this letter from your Council Key 3.

The good news is that this is a one-time process to catch up all current volunteers.  After January 1, new volunteer applications will be printed that will include the disclosure information.

Thanks to all our volunteers for everything they do to keep our Scouts safe.

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