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Jayhawk Area Council COVID-19 UPDATE 4.27.2021


Annual Health and Medical Records


Boy Scouts of American requires the Annual Health and Medical Records (BSA Health Form) to be up to date yearly. Any individual (volunteer, leader, Scout, parent, sibling..etc.) attending any Scout related event are required to have this form on them at all times (or with their Unit Leader). Activities and events such as, meetings, Council events, Unit activities, or when you are out selling popcorn.

Your safety is our priority.

BSA has always required Part C of the AHMR if you are attending an event that is 72 hours or more. 

Link to BSA AHMR (click here)External Link

COVID-19 Requirements

COVID-19 is a serious illness. We are taking the extra precautionary measure to make sure your Scouting experience is safe and adventures!

Our guidelines are as followed:

All attendees for any event hosted by Jayhawk Area Council (District events, Council events, Summer Camp, or Visiting/Camping at Falley Scout Reservation) will be required to have their Part C of the Annual Health and Medical Records even if the event is less than 72 hours. This is ONLY for those attendees that fall under the "Increased Risk" category per the CDC Guidelines. 

CDC Certain Medical Condition and Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness:  (click here)External Link


COVID-19 Procedures UPDATE 4.14.2021

Jayhawk Area Council has had many meetings discussing the safety of all those involved in our Scouting community. Jefferson County Health Department, Jefferson County Emergency Management, the Council Health Committee, Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), and the Council Executive Board.

For the 2021 Summer Operating Season, the Jayhawk Area Council will be participating in the Summer Camp Rapid Antigen Testing with The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). This program is a rapid, 15-minute antigen tests for screening and diagnostic use.

This testing is free for Kansas camps. Jayhawk will be responsible for reporting ALL results (positive and negative) to the state within a 24-hour period. 

Everyone will be responsible for checking in at Falley Scout Reservation office and have the following:

  • Temperature Check
  • Binax NOW Rapid Test conducted
  • JAC COVID Waiver Completed (click here)
  • Pre-Screening form (click here)
  • Mask on (required in office, med lodge, dining hall, trade-post, and when distance is not an option)

Jayhawk Area Council procedures (click here)


Binax NOW rapid test will be for all attending Falley Scout Reservation


Part A & B: Required If less than 72 hours

Part C: Required ONLY for "increased risk" individuals of COVID-19 (even if event is less than 72 hours)

Part C: Required if event is over 72 hours



Are mask required at events?

Yes, we do require you to provide your own mask. We ask that you wear them in closed areas:



Dining Hall

Conference Rooms

If you are out at Falley Scout Reservation, Camp Delaware or Camp Jayhawk please wear your mask if you can't be 6ft from each other. They are a MUST during meal time in our dinning hall. If you are sitting outside around the fire or just relaxing by your family or people you live with you do not have to wear a mask. 

If you are attending any District or Council event outside of Falley Scout Reservation, mask are required.

Mask or Face Covering Practices at Jayhawk Area Council Facilities and Activities article (click here)

A Scout is courteous. 

A Scout is obedient


If I want to camp at Falley Scout Reservation I need to provide what documents?

#1. Jayhawk Area Council Consent Waiver (click here)

#2. BSA Annual Health Form Part A & B (Part C if you fall under the "High Risk" category listed by the CDC or your camping longer than 72 hours) (click here)

#3. Before you depart for your trip to Falley Scout Reservation, please look at the Pre-Screening Form (click here) If you have any of the listed symptoms we respectfully request you to stay home. 

#4. When you arrive to Falley Scout Reservation, check in at the Camp Office with the Ranger or Campmaster. They will take your documents, look at your health form, and get a temp check.

#5 Mask are required. Please provide your own mask and wear them when you are unable to be social distance. If you are using our kitchen facilities, your mask is to be worn at all times until you sit down to eat, then you may take off.


What does Jayhawk Area Council require for Units events, meetings, or anything Units have planned?

First, talk with your Charter Organization. Your unit is the extension of their programs. Communicate with them to see if there is any regulations or procedures put in place.

Second, check local county rules and regulations. If your unit is going on a trip out of county, look to see if they have requirements. 

Lastly, Jayhawk Area Council only has parameters for council related activities and events. We have worked closely with Jefferson County and Osage County per events that have taken place there. If you would like suggestions or recommendations please call our office. We will happily help provide a safe Scouting experience for all. 

For more information, check out this article from the Bryan on Scouting blog by clicking hereExternal Link!


What if I can't get my Part C completed to attend an event?

We understand setting up an appointment with your primary physician or at a walk-in clinic might be problematic. Please know that this is for your safety as well as others. We want to make sure that if you have any of the listed risk factors, you know the risk of participating in the event or activity your attending. 

If you are unable to complete this or unable to received a doctors note stating their approval, sadly we will have to ask you  to withdraw your attendance.


What if I'm vaccinated do I still need to wear a mask?

Yes we are requiring all to wear a mask. Those that are under the age of 16 do not have the opportunity to receive a vaccination. We need to help do our part to protect them. Wearing a mask helps to add that extra layer of interventions for their well being.

We encourage vaccination, we can not require it. 

CDC Summer Camp Update InformationExternal Link

What do you mean by "Event"?

An event is anything that Jayhawk Area Council is the host for such as; Camporees, Summer Camp, Training, Roundtables, Day Camps, etc. 

If you have a question if something is an event please reach out to us. We are here to help!


If I have questions who at Jayhawk Area Council should I contact?

Britta McKee

Program Executive

785.276.3346 or


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