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Advancement Tracking from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement

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Mark awards/advancements as just leader approved not awarded (Awarded is the last thing you’ll do!)

Under Unit Reports open NEED AWARDED report to print out but do not mark as awarded. (Print out can be used for award distribution)

Under Unit Reports –> click on NEEDS PURCHASING report –> select all awards to be added to purchase order (PO) –> next click on CREATE PURCHASE ORDER (every selected award/advancement will load onto the PO (Leave PO open until very end, do not close PO until completely finished.)

Print out PO for easy purchase at Scout shop and save a copy to computer but NEVER OPEN CSV file. At middle of screen you can print advancement report for manual submission if and only if digital doesn’t work

At bottom of screen click ScoutNET FILE tab –> click in order to create digital file to submit to ScoutNet Internet Advancements. (When saving file, you must know where document is saved because you will have to access it for Internet Advancements submission in step 8)

After selecting ScoutNET FILE Tab – chose ONLY NEW STUFF, this will only include new awards/advancements in the PO.

To obtain UNIT ID NUMBER contact the Council office.

Once obtained click on INTERNET ADVANCEMENTS and login as RETURNING USER (if never logged in before must login as FIRST TIME USER) (Contact Council at (785) 354-8541 if need assistance)

Once logged in click UPLOAD ADVANCEMENT FILE –> choose file from where it was downloaded and saved in step 5 above –> UPLOAD FILE (This may take a while depending on number of awards/advancements being uploaded)

A report will generate to tell you which Scout’s data matches with BSA and which did not (those that do not match are usually because of name/nickname, DOB, or not re-chartered and will need to be manually entered.)

Print the report and continue

SUBMIT TO COUNCIL –> you can review report before submitting by clicking REVIEW ADVANCEMENT REPORT link –> if report is okay, close and continue submitting

Next window will be a survey

After survey you need to PRINT ADVANCEMENT REPORT. Printed report has to be submitted to Scoutshop when purchasing awards/advancements.

If you are not sure it submitted –> click on Home –> click Load Roster –> click VIEW PREVIOUS ADV. REPORT (top left hand corner). Here you will be able to see if and when the report was submitted with a time stamp. You may also print the report here.

Once finished with upload, close Internet Advancement tab/window and return back to Scoutbook.

If needed, print MB Certificates (must be done before closing PO) – MB Certificates can be purchased from Scoutshop in full preformatted sheets and printed 8 at a time.

Next, close PO

Finally, go back to Troop reports –> click NEEDS AWARDING REPORT and approve all those awards to be awarded

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