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Notice to All Unit Leaders and Unit Advancement Chairs and Unit Leaders!

Over the next few months, the Boy Scouts of America will be migrating its membership data base completely over to My.Scouting. This process will not only retire a program that has been used since 2000, but offer new features in managing unit rosters allowing greater ability to make changes at the unit level such as leadership position changes, transfers, etc. It should also make for an easier transfer of advancement records from ScoutBook since the programs will be more compatible.  

As many of you have probably experienced, any transition/conversion of platforms may cause some unforeseen challenges. It is our intention to make sure all advancements are properly uploaded into our membership database and ensure your Scouts’ records are accurate. To accomplish this, we are asking for your assistance.

Beginning June 1, 2021, all units must have an advancement report to purchase rank badges and merit badges from the Jayhawk Scout Shop. The advancement report can be supplied in one of three ways.

  1. Hard Copy/Printed Version of the BSA Advancement Report (link)
  2. Copy that the advancements have been entered into Scoutbook
  3. Printout from a third-party advancement program

This ONLY applies to rank advancements and merit badges. All other recognition items or award can be purchased without an advancement report. If, after a period of time, we see that everything is migrating across without issue, then we can pull back on this practice. Our goal is to make sure the advancements earned are properly credited.

For units from our neighboring councils, your reports will be sent to your respective council on your behalf.

Please make sure you share this with the people that are purchasing awards for your unit. We want everyone to, “Be Prepared” to provide an advancement report when they come in. If you have any questions about Scoutbook, please let us know so we can can connect you with someone that can address your concerns.

Thanks to everyone for your help as we do our best to ensure all your Scouts’ hard work is properly recorded.

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