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*NEW* merit badge classes have been added for October; please look over our schedule below and sign-up today!

In response to COVID-19, the Jayhawk Area Council, B.S.A. will be offering online merit badge classes starting Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 to our Scouts. We believe that this will help support our youth and their families in these programs as our local communities have suspended all school and / or other group programs with no more than ten individuals present at one time.

Each session will be taught by a registered Merit Badge Counselor with our council. Each instructor will be using their own platform (Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Duo... etc) to conduct their meetings and distribute any needed material. Some MBCs have listed what tools and materials are needed for their class which you can find below. Please make sure you look closely to know what you are needing. 

 The scout(s) should register by clicking on the merit badge, they will then be given contact information for that instructor.

This is a FREE class. 

October Classes

Drafting Class

MBC = Trey Peat (

Class Starts October 13th 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CT (every Tuesday, 3 total session)

Class platform: ZOOM

Merit Badge RequirementsExternal Link (click here)

Partial Book online (click here)


Materials needed: 

  • A ruler to measure an object then create a scale drawing on paper
  • Access to printer to print hand-drafting templates
  • Access to a camera to scan and share hand drafting projects
  • Use of a mouse with scroll wheel (Necessary to zoom in and out on SolidWorks)
13th- introduction to lettering and hand drafting, verify scouts have gained access to the proper software.

20th- present/discuss hand drafting projects, introduction to computer aided drafting

27th- present/discuss computer aided drafting projects, finish merit badge


Scouting Heritage Class 

MBC =John Young ( 

Class Starts October 14th 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CT (every Wednesday, 4 total session)

Class platform: Google Classroom

Merit Badge RequirementsExternal Link (click here)

Worksheet (click here)

Partial Book online (click here



Materials needed: 

To prepare for the first night students should research the life and times of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, with some consideration also for the life of Lady Olave St Clair Baden-Powell.  In the first session we will discuss the components for requirement 1 and set out objectives for completing the remaining requirements.  We will be using Google classroom and you will need to have it downloaded before class. You will need to be able to share their presentation for Requirements 5 & 6 through a virtual means; shared powerpoint, video or slideshow.  


Want more merit badge classes offered? or Are you a Merit Badge Counselor who would like to teach a class?

  Contact Britta McKee Program Executive (


*NOTE* If a class is CURRENTLY FULL please let us know so that we can add another class!


Set up Online Virtual Meeting

(Click on image)


Questions, and both completed forms, should be directed to Alayne Weber (Program Registrar). Please use Position Code 42 for Merit Badge Counselor on the adult Application.

ALL Merit Badge Counselors are required to take the BSA Youth Protection Training before registering. Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years in order to remain registered.





How do Scouts get the merit badge book(s)?

* MB books are not available online in full due to BSA copyright laws. See above for a partial online book. If you are wanting to purchase you can contract Larry Glover, our Council Scout Shop Manager, via e-mail at or call the store number 785.354.0291. You can leave him a message and he will be happy to fill your order. 

How will Youth Protection and “no one-on-one contact” be maintained?

* When Scouts arrive for a merit badge, they will be placed into an online waiting room. Once the counselor determines that multiple Scouts are present, they will be admitted. We are encouraging parents to stay within earshot to monitor their Scouts activities. We also strongly advise that the Scout completes their Cyber Chip before taking online classes or that you complete the activities in the program that involve Scout and parent. We’ve disabled many communications tools such as private chat while enabling requirements for all participant to register.

  * If you have questions about the safety, we encourage your to contact the merit badge counselor.

  * BSA Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities External Link

How can my Scout get the merit badge worksheet?

  * Please look at the merit badge you are wishing to sign up for. Click the text saying "Worksheet". This will take you to a PDF of the worksheet needed for that merit badge.

Where do Scout(s) turn in the worksheet when completed?

  * This is a question for your counselor. They will know what will work best for them to see the completed work of the Scout.

What if Scout(s) need more sessions than the amount offered for the class?

  * Ask your counselor if they can extend or offer another session. 

What about Scoutmaster approval? Scouts should have their approval before beginning a merit badge, right?

  * Scoutmaster approval is not OFFICIALLY required, but it is a REALLY good idea. When you register forward your confirmation to your Scoutmaster. 


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