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Jan 19-21, 2018
Klondike 2018

Klondike 2018: I Like Ike!


Let the mushing begin! The 2018 Klondike theme this year is "Like Ike" to celebrate that we are hosting the Klondike at Eisenhower State Park. Klondike will be held on January 19-21 at Eisenhower, which is located on the North side of Melvern Lake. 


Early Bird Registration as well as your opportunity to order your Klondoke hat ends on December 15. For the hat see below. Online registration ends on January 10. After that you may register on-site at Klondike, but there will be an additional charge for day-of registration.

Online Registration is by unit contingent only, not by individual. For registration purposes, the only information that needs to be provided is the number of Scouts on each course, the number of hats you would like to order, and the number of adults. Each Pack and Troop should provide a Patrol Sled roster (p. 5 of leader guide) to the registration/check-in table onsite.


For those that are unfamiliar with the Klondike Derby, check out this article that explains what the fuss is all about!


The Leaders Guide provides information about camping, directions to and map of Eisenhower State Park, the course, the patrol roster, equipment list, schedule, and contact information for your Klondike staff.


Teams should be 6 to 10 Scouts per sled grouped by age. The ideal number is 8. There are three Courses: a Webelos course, a Boy Scout course, and the Extreme course. Each Scout on the Extreme course must be 14 (or older) as of Jan. 1, 2018.

Small sled team? Consider combining with another unit. Use your roundtable to assist with combining sleds. Try to put boys of approximately the same age on a sled. Each course will be set up for the types of skills that are expected for their age. The registration area will assist with combining sleds on Derby Day.

If you plan to make a new sled, be creative, but make it out of wood. What you use for runners is up to you. From the runners up, it should look something like the plans in this packet.

Patrol (Sled) Team Flag Competition

Each sled should have its own flag. Use your patrol flag or consider making a special flag that follow’s this year’s theme (The Like Ike Klondike) or patch. Only the flags that follow this year’s theme will be considered by the judge. This year the Patrol Sled and Patrol Flag competitions will be a station at the Boy Scout and Webelos courses.

Webelos Course

Team work and having fun is the order of the day for the Webelos.  This course will give the Scouts a challenge and develop their ability to work as a patrol as they prepare to become a Boy Scout.  Parents and Leaders are encouraged to let them complete the challenges without help to get the most points and the best experience from each town. 

Boy Scout Course

Requirements for Boy Scout First Class advancement will again be a major emphasis for the town activities on the Boy Scout course.  It will test their ability to work together and perform all the important Scout skills.  Leaders need not walk with the boys and are encouraged to volunteer as Mayors of the towns to put on a great experience for the Scouts.

Extreme Course

Older, more experienced Scouts will be challenged at a high level on the Klondike Extreme Course.

The course is set up for extreme scouting.  Test your scouting navigation savvy in our geo-cashing and compass courses. Maybe archery or shelter building are your specialty? Do you want to try your hand at archery and shotgun shooting? Check out our course and see how you measure up. You can also use a Travois or Pack Baskets instead of sleds if you choose. 

Governor’s Award

There will be a Governor’s Award for each course presented to the overall best sled team.  This will be based on the cumulative scores from each town.


Don't forget to order your fleece-lined hats. Check out this year's great hat!

We have 19 extra hats for sale.  Purchase one today at the Klondike.



This is an excellent opportunity for Cold Weather camping. Friday and Saturday night camping is available for Boy Scouts/Venturers only. Winter camping requires special preparation and more than basic camping skills. Patrols should keep this in mind when packing for camp. We ask you to use low impact camping methods.  All fires must be in fire barrels or fire rings.  No open flames or stoves in tents per BSA Guide to Safe Scouting regulations.



Be Prepared! Its up to each Scout and sled team to be prepared for the cold-weather. Here are some tips for clothing during the day:

  • COTTON KILLS! Do not bring cotton. Staying dry is the key to staying warm. Air is an excellent insulator and by wearing several layers of clothes you will keep warm. 
  • Remember the 3 W's of layering - Wicking inside layer, Warmth middle layer(s) and Wind/Water outer layer. Wicking should be a polypropylene material as long underwear and also sock liner. Warmth layer(s) should be fleece or wool. The Wind/Water layer should be Gore-Tex or at least 60/40 nylon. 
  • Bring extra hand covering - mittens are warmer than gloves.
  • Bring 2 changes of socks per day.
  • Use plastic grocery bags or bread bags over socks. This keeps your boots dry and you can easily change those wet socks
  • Keep your hands and feet warm. Your body will always protect the core, so if your hands and feet are warm, your core will also likely be warm. If your hands or feet are cold, put on more layers, and put on a hat!

For information on cold-weather camping please review the BSA Field Book, p. 241-245.

Or check out these online resources:

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