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Jul 5-11, 2020
Scouts BSA Summer Camp Session 1
Jul 12-14, 2020
Webelos Resident Camp
Jul 16-18, 2020
Cub Scout Residence Camp
Jul 19-25, 2020
Scouts BSA Summer Camp Session 2
Jul 26-31, 2020
Scouts BSA Summer Camp Session 3
Jul 31 - Aug 1, 2020
Fun With Family Camp

Summer Resident Camp Programs Postponed Until July

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to alter their scheduled events.  The Jayhawk Area Council has been no different.  We have been constantly monitoring all situations and have done our best to make decisions with the primary focus being on the youth and families we serve.  Scouting is a safe haven for youth to develop and for families to share that experience with their Scout.  It is imperative we maintain a high level of safety and, when necessary, make changes to how we operate to achieve that expectation.

The Jayhawk Area Council Executive Committee approved the recommendations received from the Council Program Task Force to postpone summer camp operations until after July 1, 2020. The revised schedule at Falley Scout Reservation will be:

  • July 5-11 – ScoutsBSA Session at Camp Jayhawk (currently scheduled as Session 3).
  • July 12-14 – Webelos Resident Camp at Camp Delaware
  • July 16-18 – Cub Resident Camp at Camp Delaware
  • July 19-25 – ScoutsBSA at Camp Jayhawk
  • July 26-31 - ScoutsBSA at Camp Jayhawk (overflow week)
  • July 31-August 1 – Fun with Family at Camp Delaware

Due to this revised schedule, the Early Bird Discount deadline has been extended until June 19, 2020. Campership requests have been extended until June 1, 2020.

Why Change the Schedule?

While the Governor’s plan allows for camps to begin sooner, the Program Task Force felt it was important to create a buffer to account for any potential delays in the phases.  Furthermore, this decision allows:

  • Time for camp staff to receive required training that was postponed the past few months
  • Time for campers and staff to get physicals required to attend
  • Time to implement additional social distancing protocols and practice them in advance
  • Time for units from areas that are delayed in the phases to be able to attend later sessions
  • Time to train staff on enhanced practices for sanitizing and food handling
  • Time for the state to be well out of the Phase Out period allowing for a chance to keep the program as “normal” as possible
  • Schedule allows for a break between Camp Jayhawk and Camp Delaware sessions to allow for additional cleaning

Camp Jayhawk Sessions

Each troop that has registered for Sessions 1 or 2 will receive a call from our camp staff to discuss what session they wish to switch to.  Session 3 attendees do not have to do anything at this point as that week will still happen unchanged. Any troops that have not yet registered will be allowed to register for either session.  The exact campsite will be pending until all currently registered troops in Sessions 1 and 2 are placed into a campsite. Then the campsite will be assigned to the newly registered troops. If interest exceeds capacity for the two scheduled sessions, an additional session may be added.

There is a third week on the calendar for a ScoutsBSA session that will be used as an overflow in case the other two sessions are filled.  It is our intent to focus on two sessions primarily but want to be ready in case we have troops that were planning to attend other council camps that have been cancelled.

Camp Delaware Sessions

All current registrants will be automatically registered into the new session. If the participant is unable to attend that session, full refunds will be provided.  Anyone interested in attending that has not registered can do so.

What Changes are Taking Place at Camp?

We are implementing numerous steps and practices to ensure we are adhering to the social distancing expectations and to mitigate chances of spreading COVID-19.  Some of the changes include:

  • Multiple check-in stations to spread out the participants
  • Increase number of medical staff to assist with check-in process
  • Temperature checks of attendees prior to arrival, at check-in, and at check-out
  • Designated quarantine area to isolate any potential incident
  • Additional handwashing and hand sanitizing stations posted throughout camp
  • Restricted access of visitors during sessions
  • Scheduled check-in times for troops during Camp Jayhawk sessions
  • Stronger controls of class sizes to allow for social distancing
  • Multiple shifts for dining to adhere to social distancing requirements
  • No attendance of troops or families if county of residence is not in at least Phase 3

We are also working closely with the Jefferson County Emergency Management Director to enhance our current emergency procedures to account for COVID-19. They have been extremely helpful and have been involved in the above discussions.

See these Frequently Asked Questions sheets for each program and share them with your unit families.

We know these are extraordinary times and we all want to return to normal as soon as it is safe.  Summer camps are a vital component in the development of all Scouts.  We hope to create an experience that meets the concerns of all our families both in growth and safety.  Should any family or unit not plan to attend this summer due to concerns related to COVID-19, full refunds will be granted or the unit can roll their registration over to the 2021 session and be guaranteed this year’s price.  We will continue to monitor the situations and adjust as needed.