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Dec 9, 2021
Bison District Annual Meeting

Bison District Annual Meeting Notice for 2022

2022 Bison District Nominating Committee and Annual Meeting Notice

The Bison District will hold its Annual Meeting on December 9th, 2021 beginning at 7:00 PM at the Latter-day Saints Church on 3611 SW Jewell Ave, Topeka, KS 66611. An invitation will be sent to all Scout volunteers within the Bison District. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to review the district’s accomplishments this past year and vote on the slate of district members-at-large, chair and vice-chairs for the coming year. The annual meeting is open to all Scout volunteers within the Bison District service area. Voting members include current district members-at-large, chartering organization representatives of units within the district service area and any Council members-at-large residing within the district service area.

In preparation for the District Slate of Officers, District Chair Jeff Zeiler has convened the Nominating Committee. The nominating committee will review the current district members-at-large and seek additional candidates to join the district committee. They will present the final slate at the district annual for approval.

The District Committee is the operating body of the Bison District. They are charged with carrying out the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve youth in our service area. All district committee members are elected for one-year terms. 

Anyone wishing to propose a person to serve on the district committee can submit that recommendation to District Executive Kristen Conrad at [Click for member's page] for consideration by the nominating committee. Please include some background on the individual as to why you feel they should be considered as well as your contact information for further follow-up should it be necessary. Please do not inform the prospective individual in advance. They will be contacted directly by a member of the nominating committee to ensure they understand what the role entails.

All nominations must be received by November 30th, 2021 to allow time for appropriate consideration. Any received after that date will be considered by the committee and proposed for approval at a later time.

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