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    Wood Badge is Scouting’s premier training course for adult leaders. It provides participants with practical tools to fulfill the aims and methods of the Scouting program. The quality of the scouting experience for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers depends on the skills, knowledge, and commitment of those adult leaders who have given their time and energy to the Scouting movement.

    Wood Badge offers a six day immersion [over two weekends, Friday Sept. 9th-11th and Saturday October 8th-10th] in the theory, practice, and experience of effective skills for leading others within Scouting and in many environments beyond the BSA. Like many intense training experiences, it guides participants through learning activities where they work together, organize, and develop an enthusiasm and team spirit to accomplish the tasks and challenges placed before them.

    Participants who attend Wood Badge will:

    • Acquire a global view of Scouting as a family of interrelated values-based programs providing age-appropriate activities for youth.
    • Become familiar with contemporary team leadership concepts.
    • Experience the stages of team development and practice leadership approaches for those stages.
    • Have a great deal of fun in the company of likeminded individuals.
    • Develop a renewed commitment to provide Scouting with the best possible leadership.


    What Will I Learn?
    Leadership skills and how to apply them, in Scouting and everywhere else in your life. The course covers team building, listening and communicating, project management, how to manage change, conflict management and resolution, coaching and mentoring, and evaluating. In addition to classroom instruction, there are a variety of fun projects and games that will allow you to practice the skills you will be learning.

    Finally, Wood Badge is the embodiment of Scouting spirit. Carried out in context of Scouting ideals and service to young people, the course brings out a deep dedication and spirit of brotherhood and fellowship in most participants. Associations and friendships made during the course often last a lifetime.

    Check out the Wood Badge page for more information.

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